Love Heart Day

People either seem to love Valentine's Day or hate it, and there are many reasons for doing both aren't there? On the one hand, yes, it seems like a purely commercial venture, and a cynical one at that, orchestrated by the BIG retailers as just one MORE way (and so soon after we've maxed out the credit cards at Christmas time) to wrench our hard earned money away from us ... blah blah blah.

It is ridiculous isn't it? No one needs a special arbitrary day to hang a heart on the wall and tell your dearest ones how much you "love" and "care" for them?!...

True. But on the other hand, there is nothing wrong with celebrating a day of love and doing something a bit special to show others that we care. Heck, sometimes this world needs a reason to stop the sarcasm, snideness and sanctity of smugness and find a day to celebrate relationships and good ones at that...

Leaving the ideology aside (maybe we could just start celebrating LoVE HeArT DaY, and have it once a week or something - I'm up for it), Valentine's Day appeals to me for a multitude of reasons (and yes, prepare yourself, many of them are shallow):

  • It's a great chance to decorate with the beautiful universal symbol of, you guessed it:

  • It's a chance to give great gifts - romantic, cute, fun-loving or just pink
  • Decorate your house/mantle/table or walls using red, pink and white
  • Watch soppy movies that make you cry (hopefully in a good way, and not just because your own circumstances can never match up)
  • Bake heart-shaped cakes decorated with sparkling pink sugar, eat heart-shaped lollies and...
..and well, maybe I've convinced you, maybe not.

Time to bring out the serious stuff.

Oh Le Creuset Heart shaped casserole pot with lid, how much I love thee. And if you weren't so flipping expensive ($219 gulp) I would buy one of these for each and every one of my dearest friends who spend time in their kitchens slaving away at hot stoves to feed their friends and families, day in day out. You get the picture. Can you imagine the joy of serving up the evening meal in such a divine dish (oven to table!)?
who needs Mr Darcy when you can 
S W O O N 
over such gorgeous cookware ?!

But all is not lost, Le Creuset have provided us with a more cost-effective version of the heart-shaped pot. I think I've mentioned it before. The heart-shaped ramekin. Own one, own several depending on your circumstances. This lovely stoneware looks pretty darn wonderful with a chocolate pudding served up with some berries on top.
I also love these large heart-shaped dishes by Robert Gordon pottery - made in Australia, they come in multiple lovely colours and are under $30.

Continuing with our culinary theme, I love this pic from pinterest of some Valentine's marshmallow pops. I did try to make something similar last year and unfortunately the heat of the melted chocolate turned the marshmallows into slimy dripping goo. I know I was doing something wrong, but am not sure what (I get this a lot). So feel free to (sensitively) help me out here if you can. I'm probably brave enough to give them another go.

These gorgeous rose printed chocolate pops were on special in DJ's and I thought what a great gift for the kids' teachers. If Valentine's Day is telling the people you appreciate how much you appreciate them, then this seems a perfect way to do it!

 Purbeck Chocolate Co
Will post more on decorating with hearts and Valentine's Day paraphernalia later. I'm thinking bunting, I'm thinking raspberry jam and a heart shaped spoon, I'm thinking red and white toile and heart themed jewellry....

Are you excited?

Let me know you're preferred way of celebrating this day (or not)
I'd love to hear...


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