The Gingerbread House tradition
We've made gingerbread houses!
They may not be the works-of-art kind, like the one above. Instead they are more like the kind where a pile of lollies was dumped from a great height, and whatdoyouknow? Some of them stuck.

We did have to work around a toddler who ate pieces of wall while the making was in progress - cue bloodcurdling screams from the owner of that house. Then there were the three older kids who could not stop licking the icing from their fingers and ate so many lollies they were ALMOST sick.

The whole thing has taken us a few days because everyone got a bit overwrought in the decorating process (including their mother), so now the gingerbread is slightly soft. Which may explain why it was so easy for Arch to put his hand through the roof of someone's house, just after I took a cute photo of him "admiring" the others' work. (Cue more bloodcurdling screams from the owner of that house). Sigh. Donna Hay would probably not be impressed with our efforts.

However, this was a Christmas tradition that we were determined to carry out. Yes, even if the journey proved traumatic at times..

Look how calm everyone seems...

..and here is the lolly-eating culprit, caught red-handed!

Yes, that is a chocolate smartie in his mouth.
Let's admire his teeth, while he still has some.


  1. Such a wonderful tradition. This reminds me that I need to have a tradition like this with my kids. We have family gathering with extended family members every Christmas but really nothing for just our family that's fun and memorable like making a Gingerbread house! Those pictures are adorable.

    1. So glad you like them - and were inspired by our gingerbread antics. I got the kit (which is just the pieces for the house - you have to stick them together and buy the lollies) from IKEA for $5ea, but I think even supermarkets have kits now. Have a great Christmas with your kids and family! ;-) sarah.


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