It's all in the packaging..

I love wrapping presents. It dates back to my time in retail. Working part-time in a Bridal Registry of a major department store meant that I understood and appreciated the art of wrapping well. Choosing coordinating paper and ribbons, ensuring the tape was invisible, mastering the art of bow tying...

Many stores provide such wonderful wrapping and packaging that it saves you the trouble of doing it yourself. Usually an offer too good to pass up at such a busy time of year.

And now that the Christmas rush is over I have made some half-hearted attempts to clean up the debris. Not surprisingly for a self-confessed hoarder, I've been loathe to throw away some of the gorgeous Christmas wrapping and packaging that adorned some of the sweet gifts from friends and family.

Truth be told, I'd keep all the packaging, wrapping paper and ribbon if I could... however, space restrictions do not permit this extremely environmentally responsible approach.

Here are some pics of a few favourites - and yes, I'm keeping these:

Cute Reindeer and Santa bags my mother-in-law used for the kids. They had glitter noses and coats (and were only $2.50 from Target!)

Gymboree bags harnessing old fashioned style and fun

Gumboots bags shaped like a lunch box and adorned with wonderful pen drawings of reindeers andd trees had to be my favourite by far!

This gorgeous red bag had the special contents wrapped in red tissue with silver wreaths - I will admit to squealing when this came my way!!

Kikki-K who always do a Swedish Christmas with style:

And here's a pic from Kelle Hampton's blog - beautifully wrapped gifts with brown paper, string and lace paper doilies under her tree. Something to try for next year.


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