The heart of the matter

My husband bought me flowers!
And when I congratulated him on the savvyness of buying beautiful blooms the week before Valentine's Day - it turned out he'd forgotten the day was coming up! Goodness, how shocking that it wasn't in the front of his mind, like it has obviously been in mine! Still, many years ago we did agree (in a temporary fit of self righteous sensibility, on my part at least) that 'the day' was purely a crass commercial event promoted by retailers to increase profits... and yet, I will admit to having had small pangs of regret when the said day has passed unacknowledged... Jonathan of course has had no such regret, which is fine, as this week's bouquet has proved that caring gestures can be made without the need for artificial prodding.
I only wrecked it slightly by pointing out that this was my first bunch of flowers since Arch was born (13 months and 24 days ago). But who's counting?
I've added my own floral arrangement to the picture (to cover up the washing!)
And I'm pleased to say that I got my mo-jo back regarding decorating for the upcoming crass commercial event that will be on the 14th February. I did a quick dash in to my favourite decorating haven: Note to Self ( who are ALSO ignoring Valentine's Day (it's just not Australian? Is that it??) but who never the less had the most gorgeous  paper flowers in the window and some artful twigs in a vase hung with button and wire hearts. They were so lovely I knew immediately that I should race home and get on with sprucing up my sideboard.

So whether you think Valentine's Day is worth acknowledging or not, I am not going to waste the opportunity to decorate parts of the house with love hearts. I'll have them hanging from door handles, cupboards, in windows, propped up on wardrobes. I love looking at them, wearing them (in jewellry or in prints). They always make me smile and warm my heart!

I've also hunted around for things that are red, white and pink (kitchen cupboards and book shelves were great places to start). How enticing a pink cut glass plate with cupcakes or a silver tray with bon bons can look! My mantra: Display it! Old cards, photos and pictures can provide inspiration. Frame treasured family shots in all red, all white or all silver frames for a united theme.  I also love to display gardening and poetry books together, complimented with real life foliage. It is also a great chance to collect together your favourite romance titles. Hmm, where do I start? Possession by AS Byatt, Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility, Poems by Christina Rosetti...
You'll have a swoon worthy setting in no time!


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