World Cup 2018 and Winter Book Themes in the Library

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Brrrr it's cold! 
Winter came quickly with the start of June - and coats, which a week before had seemed superfluous to our wardrobes, were hastily recovered and brushed free of lint, and put on over several other layers!

I've done posts on favourite Winter Picture Books in years past, when my kids were smaller. I still love picture books with all my heart. But alas, the kids have grown bigger and I'm working in a prep school library, so my winter themes have broadened.

Whatever age and stage you're at - I hope we're all in full agreement that WINTER = BOOKS. When it's cold out, a book is the perfect accessory (as well as that coat of course... and then there's hot chocolate....)

So my winter display for 2018 now includes sport. Yes folks, working in a boy's school will do that to even the strongest of conscientious objectors...

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World Cup Fever is here! So I've dug out the best football (Soccer to Aussies) books for primary-aged kids to devour. Hopefully you'll be as pleasantly surprised as I was to see how many good ones there are. If you want to build suspense in the lead up to the WORLD CUP then I suggest you put together a pile of these books - and offer a free mini-ball to any kid who reads 50 of them!!

 Tiny Timmy Books by our very own Socceroo's Star Tim Cahill - finally an Australian sporting star who hasn't been charged with ball tampering! Perfect for kids aged 5-9 and with a good mix of fun characters and ball-loving antics.
Tiny Timmy Series

Jasper Zammit Series
Dead Ball Series
Jasper Zammit is written by the rather fabulous Deborah Abela, in partnership with the Soccer legend Johnny Warren. Again there are great characters storylines full of fun and friendship that use sport to keep the ball-mad interested. Abela has a great sense of humour and Jasper is a kid whose highs and lows frequently cause frequent uncontrollable laughter.


The Dead Ball Series by Tom Palmer are a thrilling mix of sport, intrigue and mystery. Suspicious accidents, match fixing and sinister Russian billionaires take centre stage in these football tales. Whether they prove prophetic for the 2018 World Cup remains to be seen. They are excellent for boys of the non-reading persuasion! 

And Sportographica is a great title (published in 2014 so a little dated now) detailing the world of sport in 101 quirky and amusing infographics. Good to know that in 2014 David Beckham was worth $300 million. Maybe kicking a ball isn't a waste of time after all.... 

And here's a few pics of my winter displays - think hanging snowflakes and titles with "ICE", "SNOW", "FROST" and "POLAR" in the title and you'll have enough to fill an igloo in no time!

From longtallsara on Etsy
  • The Icicle Illuminarium - N J Gemmell
  • Ice Breaker - Liam Tanner
  • Treasures of the Snow - Patricia St. John
  • Polar Boy - Sandy Fussell
  • The Arctic Incident - Eoin Colfer
  • Hatchet: Winter - Gary Paulson
  • The Ice Factor: Guinea Pigs Online - Jennifer Gray & Amanda Swift
  • An Eagle in the Snow - Michael Morpurgo
  • The Ice is Coming - Patricia Wrightson
  • Icefire - Chris d'Lacey
  • The Girl From Snowy River - Jackie French
  • Runcible Jones and the Frozen Compass - Ian Irvine
  • Odd and the Frost Giants - Neil Gaiman
What are your favourite wintery titles? 


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