Five-Year-Olds Have More Fun

Mum, did you know that Piranhas can bite through metal?
Um, (me, distracted) yeah, sort of. No! What? Are you sure? I've never heard that before..
Yep. They can. It's in the book Piranhas Don't Eat Bananas. Mrs Baxter read it to us in the library. 

Really? (Thanks Aaron Blabey. Was that book really factual?)

Mum. Did you know that Pterodactyl starts with a silent P and that some dinosaurs are herbivores? 
Um, yep. I did know that. Thanks. Can we eat breakfast now? (Me, eying his bacon and hoping he's not considering vegetarianism. Not that there's anything wrong with that...)

Mum, do marshmallows have lots of sugar in them? Cause I've just eaten six!!


Five-year-olds want to do everything and they want to know everything. It's an exciting (and exhausting) age. They still feel (to you) like they were only born yesterday but they are big now, and getting bigger (and louder) all the time.

They have opinions. And they want to share them. Often. They want to tell you new things - that they've just discovered or experienced or thought of. They require your full attention. So they know you're listening. You have to stop what you're doing and face them. Eye contact is a must. Warning: this makes listening and driving/cooking/reading/sleeping difficult.

Sometimes you find yourself gazing fondly at them (yes, okay, often when they're asleep) and fondly recalling that brief baby moment in time when they couldn't talk. Oh the serenity. 

At times their emotions are erratic. Tantrums are fewer than in the past couple of years, but it's still hard to reason with a five-year-old who won't be told.
Never say "you're too little", which is often the case, or "wait till you're bigger" because it won't go down well. Definitely never call them a baby because the consequences will be extremely dire. (Siblings please take note.)

Here's Arch, after having had a small (humiliated) cry because I'd ordered him a babychino - NOT a baby anymore Mum! - showing me his wink. So cute. 

Here's Arch insisting he can fly the kite. Not easy when you're so close to the ground... Just saying. 

Arch toasting marshmallows like a pro and telling me it's the best day of his life! (It took the ten-year-old to dispel the magic by pointing out that "Arch hasn't actually lived that long"... ) Don't you just love tweenie cynicism?! 

Five-year-olds might still wear baby pajama onesies with the feet sewn in - but they'll insist on choosing their own (clashing/weather inappropriate) outfits during the day. Don't judge.  Most parents are way too tired to argue. 

Five-year-olds can still get way overtired after a big day - but if you suggest an afternoon nap you will be laughed out of town. "That was what I did when I was three or something!" Arch declared last time I suggested it. 

Five-year-olds can have way more fun you.  A poo joke can keep them laughing for hours. 

They take in information like a computer and often surprise with their level of knowledge and understanding.. However they will never understand why they cannot eat lollies for breakfast or why a piece of fruit is better for them than an icecream.

Don't underestimate what they are capable of, or how much better they look in your glasses than you do.

And when they say that they need a cuddle (or a snuggle and a snissy) make sure you stop what you're doing and give them a big squeeze. They may be growing up fast but these moments are way to precious to ignore.

You won't be sorry.

Illegal selfie on Mum's phone...


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