Parent Fails - Real or Imagined?

A friend recently posted on Instagram an (obligatory) bottle of wine pic with the caption: That moment you get your kids eyesight checked in grade 1 instead of kinder and find they need immediate glasses and an eye patch 🍷

Made me laugh (A lot. It's always funnier when it happens to others, but it could have been any of us, right!?) and think about all the oh-so-many ways we never manage to get it quite right when parenting. It's often just the little things that add up to that general feeling that we're somehow failing at the most important job in the world. Most of the time, we're doing a lot better than we think. Truly.  

At least that's what I told myself when these random moments happened: 
  • You realise the shower your kids use ran out of soap days if not weeks ago, and no one has bothered to mention it. Or notice.
  • You made a big effort to cook a wholesome and delicious Moroccan chicken dinner, and your five-year-old cried because he wanted two-minute noodles.
  • A class teacher casually mentions that your child declined to tell news at the start of the term because "our family didn't do anything fun all holidays". Yep that's us, the no-fun family.
  • You get a note in the diary to say your child has been reprimanded for making "inappropriate noises" - and you can't stop laughing!
    So if your parenting-fails (real or imagined) are getting you down, remember, you are so not alone. So here's some tried and trusty pick-me-ups! Yep, scientifically proven to work. Every time.

    Give yourself a treat. Preferably something with icing sugar and cinnamon. (Check out @scrollies on Instagram)

    Buy yourself some gorgeous in-season flowers. They'll brighten your day, your table and your mood.

      Find a place of serenity and lie down on a gorgeous and comfortable couch. 
      Warning, if you do this in a shop, eventually someone is going to come and tell you that they're calling security if you don't leave..


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