Decorating: With Clouds


Ever since I became addicted to the Kmart cloud cushion (see below), I've been noticing clouds everywhere, and not just in the sky! There's something about clouds that sparks the imagination, makes us marvel at the world, sends our thoughts heavenward and yes, get the creative juices flowing. 

Most of the time...

I can still recall my Year 8 geography exam question that asked me to list six types of clouds. From memory my technical knowledge petered out after "cumulonimbus" and I was left with the following fall backs: white; fluffy; black; heavy; and ominous. Needless to say, my marks weren't great.

Whether fluffy and sweet, or dark and threatening, clouds are never boring. They are represented in everything from art to comic humour. If you feel a yearning to bring some into your home, here are some cute cloudy items. Failing that, look out the window and prepare to be amazed!

This quilted sleeping bag for kids, would almost guarantee sweet dreams! From Adairs for $59.


The gorgeous cloud cushion (only $7!! I know, I've bought heaps!) from Kmart Australia along with these other gems make fun gifts and decorating items:

The Cloud Nightlight will set you back $5.
 And the hanging cloud shelf is $12

The adorable D'Anjo Liberty print cloud mobile from Hard to Find would make a perfect baby gift. Sparkly raindrops won't dampen anyone's spirits!


Why not carry clouds with you all day, with this bag? (from Etsy for $50)


And if one was to dress like a cloud, this is my top pic (from ModCloth)!


Amazing wallpaper by Fornasetti creates a fabulously moody atmosphere:


Or for a lighter touch try these fabric wall decals from Hard to Find ($82 from SnuggleDust Studios):


And now for a final and profound word on clouds it's over to Charlie Brown:

If you haven't lain back on a grassy knoll in a while to stare up at the sky and look at the clouds, make time for it.
No one will see it the same way as you do...

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