Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Back to School They Go...

Okay, I'm not really singing about the fact that after almost eight (eight, yes, EIGHT!) weeks of summer holidays the kids are finally (yes, finally!) back at school. I may have whistled once or twice, inadvertently. But that could have been for any number of reasons. Truly..

Everyone was very happy to go back and then of course I was struck with a moment of guilt at the fact that not one out of four children seemed sad to see me go. Possibly because they knew they'd see me again a mere (I repeat MERE) six hours later (is that normal? Was a school day always this short?) but I decided to drown any feelings of fruitless mother guilt in coffee straight after drop off and that helped a lot. (more on the coffee in a bit)

I would have put the cute video of this familial scene below up on the blog, but unfortunately the moment this was taken, Arch dropped his sign and when Ellie tried to help him pick it up he hit her, screamed (I kid you not) "Leave my sign alone sucker!" and then it pretty much all went pear-shaped.

Sigh. Eight weeks..

So let's just enjoy the moment of happy serenity captured in this shot and be forever thankful that technology hasn't reached Harry Potter standards yet and that therefore NO ONE IS MOVING!!! (or hitting, or crying, or screaming..)

And speaking of serenity, anyone might think all I've been doing since school returned, was to sit in coffee shops on my own savouring the peace and quiet, talking to no one, taking no one to the toilet (50 miles away), mopping up spilt baby chino and, well, they might just be right.  I will admit that I have sat occasionally drinking caffeine (bliss) and taking stock and reflecting on all that has been (8 weeks..) and all that will be in 2015.

Before rushing off to write my next Houzz story anyway. (More on that later too.)

My array of floral tunics seems endless, I know.

note that cup says OB not OD!

So here are my latest happy decorating discoveries. I'm only just getting back in to the swing of things - you know taking it slow, didn't want to shock my system too much (8 weeks….)

I'm kind of going crazy for Kmart at the moment. Their decorating range is well, pretty good. And if you're on a tight budget, you'll have plenty to get excited about. 

These dear deer cushions are $7. There is matching bed linen, and I forgot to take a photo because I think I must have been hyperventilating. Who doesn't love a deer? 
So here's the one that didn't get away, safely back at my house. Sooooooo cute. 
I may have to go back for the rest of the herd….

And then I had to pick up this wooden box sign for $9. It's a saying I like to remember (may have even chanted it through some of the past eight weeks) because frankly when the house is a big mess and that friendly game of monopoly you foolishly suggested as a way of promoting sibling bonding has turned into flying accusations and high-pitched wailing (note, the sign says "little things" not necessarily "little kids" - just thought it was worth pointing that out), remembering to enjoy the small things - like, a cup of coffee…makes a whole lot of sense.

And seeing it in snazzy gold lettering makes me smile.

And then if like me, you love decorating with letters, and symbols, and all things typographical, you'll be just desperate to get your hands on one of these:

It's $15 and available online

And then there's these gold circle pots which would make any indoor plant sing!

It's $10 and available online
And then these on trend side tables (yellow sadly not available online as I write) are just so happy and handy I kind of want to put one everywhere..

$29 and available online in white

So, if you didn't catch my Australia Day article on 30 Sights to Make You Proud To Be An Australian, I'd love you to click on the link and have a read.

This was one of my favourite pics from this year's Australia Day festivities (read about previous years here). The weather wasn't great and we missed the great ferry boat race entirely - but we spent the day with dear friends and Mim wore Aussie flags on a headband and a cute bandana and we all had fun together. 

Enjoying the little things...


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