Party time at Daiso

The Japanese dollar chain DAISO is famous for selling everything for a minuscule price (in Australia that apparently equals $2.80 - not sure whether this rather odd price represents a true exchange rate with a Japanese dollar, or not) is a mecca for finding lots of stuff - craft/kitchenware/makeup/stationery/food.

In my ongoing quest to declutter I generally go in there in a sceptical frame of mind. Telling myself I will find NOTHING there I need. It sometimes helps to stop me from filling up those cute purple baskets. 

But not always.

Last week I bravely ventured into find bits and pieces to fill party bags for a small do I was holding for Eleanore (who was turning TEN - eek! Seems like only yesterday she was turning NINE and EIGHT..) 

Daiso had the goods.

Firstly the party bag itself. There were numerous possibilities in an array of materials. I had briefly toyed with the idea of decorating calico bags myself. But as the invitations went out only days before the actual event, it was easy to remind myself that I'm just not that kind of mother…
Eventually I settled on a set of five printed plastic bags that were pretty and practical. 
Five bags for $2.80 - win!

Then, because the traditional lolly bag to take home from a party is no longer just supposed to hold lollies (after a recent trip with the kids to the dentist, this suits me fine..) I found some very cute notebooks that girls would love. They easily had 50 pages in them and are so nice I'm thinking they'd be great for school friend/teacher Christmas gifts.  

Picture from
I didn't take any more photos because, as you may have gathered, I was doing this all sort of last minute. 

Ellie made each girl a chatterbox (remember those?) out of lovely origami paper her aunt had given her. I thought this was such a sweet homemade touch.

and then in keeping with a sweet theme, I did buy a small amount of confectionary, so as not to disappoint expectations. 
What's a party without lollies, after all?

Picture from:

It was heartening  a week out to google ideas for a ten-year-old's party and find sites with so many other dud parents kindred spirits saying: Crap - my child turns ten in three days, what can I do for a party?

The answer my friend, is a movie and pizza night.

A sympathetic friend emailed me a list of "Top Ten movies for Girls" (will post the link asap) from which I googled reviews and then found one in our local video shop. It was Akeelah and the Bee, and it was great. We ordered pizza and I made a cake, which was supposed to be a flower. Enough said.


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