Time Out

Last year I celebrated my "milestone" birthday with a swish soiree.
So I guess this year was always going to be a little bit of a let down. Right?
Oh no. So wrong.

There has been at least a fortnight of celebrating in big ways and small. Some things were planned ages in advance, others were more of a seizing the moment and using the upcoming birthday as a good reason to break out a little sparkle.

One of the benefits of being born on the last day of Autumn is that despite the ominous approach of colds, flu, rain, snot, musty jumpers, mud and whinging (me, not the kids) - winter starts off with a happy bang!

So here are some of the highlights:

Attending the Michael Buble concert with one of my best friends, Miriam. We hadn't seen each other since last year's sparkling soiree, but had planned this event well in advance. With six children and several hundred miles between us - when we do finally get together we move into 'marvellous miracle' mode, at the sheer wonder of pulling something off.

Buble was enjoyable. His music is classy, even if at times, he wasn't. His warm-up band Naturally 7 were astounding and blew us away! I so wanted to get to the their follow up concert, but marvellous miracle mode had lost most of its power by then. Drat.

Still, we talked ate dessert and bopped. And more importantly, the next day: shopped! Birkenhead Point is rather snazzy these days. We had fantastic coffee and pastries in an italian place. And just as we were discussing our favourite lingerie brands, a brand new Calvin Klein shop appeared in front of us like a beacon in the night sky. Oh my, there was 40% off the already reduced prices. We swooned heavily and thanked our marvellous miracle mojo for returning.

Cue: happy sighs all round.

Secondly, my kids and i have discovered the joys of frozen yogurt. The health benefits may be few (I'm hoping there's a few more than in say, ice-cream..) but the taste is scrumptious! Our favourite haunt happens to be on the way home from school, and once we found out about happy hour(3 free toppings for kids in school uniform) I promised everyone I'd take them there for a pre-birthday celebration.

My shout.


The girls look a little odd here. I have no idea why.

I'm thinking of getting tee-shirts (or bags) printed with this:

Then, on the eve of my actual birthday Jonathan had suggested that he and the kids would cook me a special breakfast. I had visions aplenty. They all involved mayhem, mess and moaning (that would be me..)

My response: Um. Yep. Sounds like it could be good. Maybe.
Jonathan: Oh, sorry, what? Did you have something else in mind?
Me: Oh well, um, no not especially. But ah, it may be just easier to take everyone out, that's all.
Jonathan: Oh. I hadn't thought of that. I am pretty tired. And it would be a lot of effort. Cooking. (He's got that right!) And messy. (Uh huh!)
Jonathan: So you'd prefer to go out for breakfast?
Me: Yes please. I'll ring the cafe and book.


Love this cafe: Chicken and Fishhead. They are half cafe (with great breakfast fare) and half kids shop (think felt accessories, gorgeous clothes, trendy toys). They'd posted this photo the week before and, besides swooning, I was busting to get there. Multi-tasking at its best!

French Toast was my birthday breakfast of choice.
See how lovely it is when left to the professionals?

A trip to the florist following breakfast

Flowers, cards and gifts - feeling the love!

Finally, as if the birthday fun had only just got started, I whisked away to Melbourne. Of course I say whisked, when really the preparation almost killed me. Jonathan had a conference to attend, and it seemed the perfect chance, coinciding with my birthday and all, to go too. I went last year, and it really is one of my favourite destinations for a mini-break. This time around Jonathan was going to be busy but I was okay with that. No, really.

I had gorgeous work friends (from years past) to catch up with, a plethora of stupendous cafes and restaurants to eat in and glorious quirky shops to peruse. The prospect of doing all this, without constant trips to public toilets; packing of books, snacks and changes of clothes (for multiple people); and generally time to start and finish a conversation/cake/coffee was exciting. Okay, maybe more than that, it was mind-blowingly AWESOME!

There was just the small matter of asking my parents to mind all four children and negotiate school and pre-school journeys, the lunchbox challenges, dressing, feeding, etc etc.

My parents wonderfully rose to the occasion. I wrote copious notes (which were apparently lost soon after our departure) and my sleepless nights and worrying in the lead up made no difference to the fact that the kids had a ball and Mum and Dad handled everything beautifully.

And the three days away?

h e a v e n l y

I'll try to write more on the Melbourne highlights later.
As it is am back to reality - and enjoying the way everyone seems to love each other that little bit more after an enforced absence. Well, that lasted for an hour or so.
Now we're just back to finding the sparkle in the every day…
I love it.
I really do.


  1. What a marvelous birthday season! I'm glad you had so much fun, and put the Melbourne trip on repeat! The girl's hair is so long! I wish we could pop out for coffee together!

    1. Thanks K! I knew you'd appreciate my b'day activities. Our affinity for Melbourne, opshopping and everything in between has not been forgotten! I keep saying the girls hair only stays long until the next nit outbreak! In the meantime I'm enjoying the Heidi plait vibe as much as they are! :-) ps. Wd so love that coffee with you! :-( sigh..


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