Oh heck it's Mother's Day. Again?!

Fresh from the excitement and busyness of holidays/Easter/Royal meetings (still smiling over that one!) /Anzac Day and the kids starting Term 2 (okay, may have done a little jump for joy over that one), I'd just sat down for a calming cup of tea and a nibble of an errant easter egg, when I suddenly realised, eek! Mother's Day is almost upon us!!

And then, silly as this sounds, I started to stress about Mother's Day. For one thing, as soon as preschool and school started, so did the invites. I felt like a young Harry Potter when all of the hundreds of letters from Hogwarts started flying into the house at Privet Drive! The calendar and I were suddenly inundated with upcoming preschool morning teas, school breakfasts, girl's club dinners, presents to buy/make/find… I felt like shouting: STOP WITH ALL THE INVITES! IT'S A DAY OFF MOTHERS WANT - THAT'S IT!! 

(Okay, maybe some of this vintage china I spotted in an Op Shop…and a few other things, now that I'm thinking about it.)

At the risk of sounding a tad ungrateful, life can sometimes be busy enough without adding multiple events guaranteed to turn the month of May into mayhem.

Anyway, after a few more nibbles on an easter egg, I realised that maybe it wasn't Mother's Day at all that was causing me the stress.

It was school socks.

Here's a pic. Aren't they horrid?

With three kids at school we have school socks coming out of our ears. Last term they carpeted the girls' room floor 24/7. I lost the will to attempt pairing back in about 2010 and the last few years worth of odds overflow drawers, bags and cupboards like some ghastly version of the Magic Pudding. Stained and crusty, they only ever stay white for about the first one or two wears. After that they become feral. We've even found some in the garden, skulking under mulch. I've seriously started to hate them. So in a panicked attempt to restore some sort of order at the end of last term, I shoved all of the wretched mismatched collection into shopping bags.

And no one has seen them since.

So to head off certain catastrophe I made a quick trip on Monday to the shops and bought everyone new socks. I paid $1 a pair and bought each child five new pairs of white and five new pairs of navy. Everyone wears a different size of course. But the only brand that does the decent humane thing and prints the sizes on the sole, had sold out. So I'd give it about two to three weeks before we're back where we started, waking to plaintive morning cries of: "Mum, I can't find any matching socks!"

Hence, if nothing else (and I hold out little hope for the day off - although an exciting mini break down south is being planned..) this would be my first pick for a mother's day gift:

Available at Apple Core Living

$12.50? Why that could buy us another twelve pairs of socks + one lonesome sock.

I'll take the chocolate instead thanks. It looks scrumptious and a few of those heartfelt thank you/you're amazing type messages would not go astray either.

Just saying...


  1. Do you know I don't have any china (yet), but if I had seen that pattern in an op shop, I would not have been able to walk by it. Yummy! And socks? Oh I loathe them too. They are the one item I find on desks, in the car, on every floor, in school bags, everywhere and anywhere. I am about to declare a sock free summer where only thongs and sandals (sans socks, of course) are allowed!

    1. A sock-free summer sounds heavenly! Today I actually found one of the bags of old socks and can't decide whether I have the will and energy to go through them or just dispose of thoughtfully…?! And oh no, you've made me look again at that china pic and wonder why I walked by. Beware of opshop regrets, they can be never-ending! sbdx


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