Hopping Along

A beautiful brown and white rabbit jumped across the road in front of our car on the way to school this morning. Sometimes a theme just seems to jump out at you, know what I mean?

Easter decorating time is here - and the bunnies have arrived!
I haven't bought any new ones! Just enjoyed rediscovering some old friends along the way...

This new pink cloth was a fabulous $5 thrifting find. The leaves are detailed in gold - it seems to be vintage and in perfect condition. After doing the above brief Easter thing, I whipped it out to the hall table and quickly threw a few things on to it, with a pleasing result.

Have I shown you the Kate Greenway embroidered alphabet picture before? I got it for $7 at one of my favourite op shops. The bargain price was great, but I felt a tad sad that someone had put so much effort into this and that's all it was now worth… But that would be what I love about op shopping/thrifting! Finding something to treasure that no one else feels the same way about..

Here are some gorgeous sparkly eggs - an Easter gift from my friend Adina.
She is an opshopping/thrifting/decorating/fashion/friend kindred spirit. She is sharing her sparkle elsewhere now (and I hope the people of Texas know just how LUCKY they are!) and that's okay. Mostly.

Plus we've been celebrating a few birthdays in the family. We covered the celebrations for Jonathan, my Dad and cousin Gracie with a sunny and happy birthday lunch. It was fun all round, especially for the cousins! (There was some sort of odd game going on here. I didn't ask..)

Anna's lemon yoghurt cake was gorgeous - very similar to this one I posted on not long ago.

Hope you're enjoying happy days too..


  1. So glad you liked that little bit of glitz from abroad. I like the way you phrased things, I am indeed sharing my sparkle here. ;)

    1. Thanks for yr MSG! Did u get brave and try to bake yr own hot cross buns for Easter? SBD x


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