You can NEVER have too many platters!

School has been back less than a week and Arch (trusty 3 year old companion) and I are only just getting back into our op shopping ways. It's been a while - what with the 8.5 weeks of summer holidays we've survived. Oh yes we made it to a few op shops here and there, with all four kidlets in attendance (and with varying levels of enthusiasm). But we've not been to many of our regular haunts, where it's just Arch and I soaking up the ambiance and sifting through the junk…
The first trip back I felt like standing at the door and hollering "Hi everyone! You miss us?"
No I guess not.

Anyway, we're in the middle of high-speed toilet training with the start of preschool only a week away. (Cue manic laughing..yes, it's another Bertha Rochester parenting moment for me..) Annoyingly, endless perusing of discarded toys, mountains of used clothing and the occasional vintage treasure is not entirely conducive to mad and frequent dashes to the bathroom. Especially when so many of these places DO NOT I repeat NOT offer amenities as a customer option. What's with that?
Note to self,  op shop owners - if you offered people a toilet option, people may stay a lot longer…

Anyway, we're slowly getting our mojo back. And even have a few favourite finds to boast about show you.
Best thing so far has definitely been this lovely blue and white Churchill platter. For $10!!
Because as my family chanted in sing-song unison, after they noticed it proudly displayed on the dresser, "You can NEVER HAVE TOO MANY PLATTERS!!!"
Which may have been followed by some superfluous sounding question, such as, "Don't we already have one like that?" I'll bet no one ever asked Martha Stewart that!

My platter:

Martha Stewart's platters:
Click here if you want to see Martha hang about 50 blue platters up on her wall.

I also stumbled across this great link to a blog detailing 39 (yes, that's almost 40 ways folks!) to decorate with plates. Who doesn't LOVE decorating with plates?!!

Check it out just for the pictures - they are swoon worthy in the extreme.

And speaking of plates, another great op shop find was this Thomas the Tank Engine Wedgwood plate for $10 - perfect for the Thomas-obsessed Archie. A perfect addition to his bookshelf.

And finally, a great selection of kid's books including the large format CS Lewis title "The Magician's Nephew" and an American Girl novel which had Eleanore jumping for joy.

On the way home Arch and I came across a new little shop opened by a lovely lady who is following her dreams. An art teacher who has taken the plunge of leaving her career and opened a home wares shop full of gorgeous and quirky bits and pieces. Much of it handmade and ethically sourced by Australian artisans. Apple core Living, full of lovely things, is like a little piece of Melbourne or Newtown in North Parramatta!

I'm definitely going back for the byrne&love candles (perfect Valentine's gift), Zoe Carides jewellery (even more perfect Valentine's gift) and hand painted china.

Just got to work out how to casually mention the need for Jonathan to stop by here… if you're reading JD?


  1. I love that you have found that little shop in Parramatta as I want to check out Zoe's jewellery and wondered if indeed it was a shop, so thank you.

    1. Thanks for commenting Jane. The shop is well worth a look - some really out of the ordinary great finds. And the Zoe jewellery is amazing: saw some necklaces with vintage lockets, teaspoons and lots more. SBDx

    2. Thanks Sarah for those generous comments about my little shop...
      Love your blog - very entertaining and insightful!! I definitely connected with the blog about locking your keys in the house. I had a very similar experience with my daughter.. xx Vanessa

    3. It's a pleasure Vanessa - am happy to be support your gorgeous shop! I've reinstated the followers button on this blog, so do let me know if you are able to join… With thanks, SBDx


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