The occasional rainbow

There has been more rain in the past couple of weeks, than in (my) living memory (which admittedly, isn't good at the best of times). I know it must have only been a month ago I was revelling in crisp sunny autumn days, but now the bleakness of winter is all encompassing.

Not that it's depressing. The sun has persisted in making sporadic but welcome appearances through the dark clouds and rainbows have popped up in the sky. Sometimes two. Once even a full one - which sent the kids and I into fits of delirium. Lucky I didn't crash the car!

Each morning, thanks to the wind and the rain, the camellias and other winter flowers are thick on the ground. Our gumboots are getting a good work out wading through the mud which is our driveway. Winter coats, jumpers, vests and tights are a must, which is great, but I could do without the kids constant complaining about having to wear warm underwear.

Meanwhile I'm still cleaning up bits and pieces after the soiree. The gift table was laden with so many lovely things it seemed a shame to put everything away and out of view. Here's a few things I've kept out for display..

Lovely Robert Gordon china - gold rimmed in a yesteryear yellow tones that looks like an instant antique. It has fitted right in perfectly and the oversized cups are perfect for toasty hot chocolates with a few marshmallows bobbing on top.

Aren't these little glass bottles just adorable!? The insect pics just add to their loveliness. Can't decide whether to fill them with something (spices?) or just keep enjoying their sparkle on a window sill some where..

Gorgeous gifts from gorgeous friends who have showered me with so many swoon worthy things: tea mugs, cook books, jam and ceramics. Who would have thought these dear girls would have known so well what I like??

So apart from half-hearted attempts to clean up, it's been hard not to succumb to the elements and just climb under a warm blanket with a good book. Here's a pile I'm working my way through (loved the Sue Grafton and Amy Plum novels - perfect winter escapism), when the cleaning schedule allows...

And here's Arch who has no cleaning schedule, but has taken a well earned break from playing and messing to snuggle up with milk and biscuit.

The knitted blanky was an op shop find, perfect Cornish colours and now Arch's favourite way to keep warm. It's only bassinet size, but perfect for covering little legs.

Oh and after my previous lament about not being able to find any decent blankets in the op shops for a friend, another friend texted through some pics she'd found of some that day. Some furious texting took place and friend #1 hot footed it over to the op shop where the blankets had been discovered. They'll now be heading to the USA to keep some American toes warm.

A heart-warming result.


  1. Oh my goodness, the rain, the rain, the rain! Our front grass is just floating on a squishy, slippy, oozy underlay of mud! Not good for the movers. Yes, the blankets are on their way to America, along with a set of Maxwell Williams Australian native bird mugs (I'm sure you've seen them), and a gorgeous flowered and birded teapot that was displaying next to them. Shopping until the last box went into the container, I was, despite the rain!

    1. Ah a true collectables shopper after my own heart. I will miss you dear friend, but am looking forward to reading of your thriftiness adventures and comparing notes from afar! Much love, SBDxx


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