100 Years

Have I already mentioned how May is a freakingly busy month for us? Actually it seems to be that way for a lot of people. I'm always interested to see how people deal with the stress of busyness. Juggling without dropping all the balls is a valuable life skill that sometimes eludes even the best of us.

Me? I'm lurching like a drunken sailor (not even attempting the juggling analogy for myself) from one event to the next. Still smiling (mostly) and trying to channel the aura: Yes I'm on top of the details... Sorry, what did you say the date was?

One of our major events this month was joining my family in celebrating the 100th birthday of my grandmother. This is not the kind of event one gets to attend every day, if ever. My grandmother, Doris Edna Esdaile (the two worst christian names you could get, she always told me) is a wonderful matriarch. She became a christian in her late twenties, after her children were born. She has lived faithfully serving God her whole life and her Christian descendants are numerous.

Grandma (with Grandpa, who died in 2011) has three children, nine grandchildren, and twenty-two great grand-children (There was some debate about the number..). Children of the grand-children met up, some for the first time, and had a ball.

Among the cards and salutations from assorted friends, family and dignitaries (including the Prime Minister of Australia, and the Premier of NSW), this one stood out from the pack.
I just love the Queen. She'll be sending herself one of these sometime soon if she's careful!!

At the end of the celebrating, we got a photo of the four generations: Grandma (100), my Mum (turning 70), me (turning 40 - later this month), and Jesse (10).
And we praised God for Grandma and her wonderful life.


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