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Wattle We Do About It?

  May Gibbs' Wattle Babies Spring has arrived (blessed relief - lockdown seems far more bearable in warmer weather) and with it glowing fluffy golden balls floating in the breeze. Like magnolias, crabapples and most other gorgeous blossoms, we wait all year for something that doesn't last long. However when wattle blossoms appear, even the most unpatriotic person surely feels a burst of how glorious it is to be living in Australia!? May Gibbs has a lot to do with this. She was a much loved children's book author, artist and illustrator from around the time of WW1 and her drawings and watercolours, inspired by the flora and fauna of the Australian bush have remained popular ever since. Her famous book Snugglepot and Cuddlpie is probably still in the Australian classics section of most libraries, but isn't perhaps as well known as it once was. Snugglepot and Cuddlepie Her artwork still appears on everything from fine china to clothes and fabric. Oh look, a new range from

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